Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Do you give a full refund back if cancellation notice is given in enough time? 
Your deposit of $400 is non-refundable. Anything more given will be returned back to you outside the deposit as long as a month notice is given in cancelling your reservation for your special event.
2.)  Can I bring my own alcohol or licensed bartender? 
Yes, you can bring in any caterer of your choosing and your own beverages.
3.)How many people can sit inside the reception hall?
Approximately 150 at round tables.
4.) Is there a private room for bride and bridesmaids to get changed?
Yes, you have an upstairs room.
5.) Approximately how much for 170 guests for the special event and reception for six hours of rental space?
Base price starts at $1495, but linens, chairs and other extras have an additional cost.
6.) Must I use what you have for accessories?
Yes, only our table linens.
7.) What if it rains & I booked an outdoor wedding? 
Within a reasonable time frame, will move to inside the banquet hall. 
8.) Do you have a full kitchen?
No, we do not have a full kitchen but do have a refrigerator, microwave, long counter and sink.
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